Personal Stories – Films

In 2018, Voice Collective teamed up with Fitzrovia Youth in Action to support two talented young people to make films about what it’s like for them to hear voices.

The two young people wrote scripts, directed filming and worked with an animator to produce their films, which help us understand what it’s like being them:

Nikki’s Story

The video was made by Nikki, a young person we know. It shows how it’s been for her to hear voices, some of the reactions she’s had from other people, and what her life is like now. In the video, she tells us what it was like talking to Voice Collective, too.

The video can be found at ‘Understanding Voices’, a website that will make it easier for people to find information about different approaches to voice-hearing and ways of supporting those who are struggling with the voices they hear.

Copy and paste the link below to visit the ‘Understanding Voices’ website page, and watch the video…