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If you are a young person (under 19) who has personal experience of voices, visions or other similar sensory experiences – you’re welcome to email us for some support. We’re a small team, so we can’t offer crisis support, but what we do offer is the chance for you to share your experiences with someone who will listen and try to understand. Many of our team have personal experience of voices and visions, which make us a little different from many other support services.

Different people use our support in different ways. Some people use it to share their experiences so that they can find ways of dealing with them, others want to talk to someone to help them make some sense of what’s happening. Some people just want to speak to someone who will listen and believe them, without judging. That is the core of what we try to do.

Many of the young people who use our service aren’t linked in with other forms of support. If you’re in the London area, we’ll be able to tell you about other parts of our service you can try. We can also find out what support services are available near you (this can include CAMHS and voluntary sector options).

Sometimes people e-mail us for information, rather than support. They want some ideas for strategies, services, resources or books that they might read. We’re happy to share the knowledge we’ve built up through talking with 100s of young people who hear voices over the last 9 years.

If you’re supporting a young person who hears voices or has similar experiences, you’re welcome to email us too.

Online Peer Support Forum

Our current Online Peer Support Forum has now come to an end as of March 2022. Therefore you will be unable to access this now. We are in the process of transferring our forum over to Discord for young people only. If you would like to have the details for this when we go live please email us