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Some of us on the team at Voice Collective have written a few pieces about various aspects related to hearing voices. Have a read and see what you think! If you would like us to feature something you have written then please get in touch with is at

Hearing Voices and Covid-19

Voices and Visions in Children TV and Film

Cannabis and Hearing Voices

Here are some links to blogs that you might find helpful as well:

Schizophrenics or Voice Hearers?. The term schizophrenia is loaded with… | by Nikhil Murthy | Sep, 2021 | Medium – Nikhil is a voice hearer, and wants to share some of the experiences with schizophrenia, in the hope that we can all together lift the stigma associated with having hallucinations.

The Soul Asylums – website and blog by Shez – In the Summer of 2006 – under the pressure of demanding inner city youth work, an emotional cocktail of life stresses, a taxing cannabis and alcohol habit, and deepening spiritual crisis – I underwent a serious psychological breakdown and began to experience the rare phenomenon of hearing voices…