Young People’s Art Gallery

Voice Collective runs quarterly creative workshops for young people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory experiences. These workshops bring in different artists to work alongside attendees, helping them learn a new skill or develop their existing talents.

Workshops have included: drama, amimation, music/songwriting, scriptwriting, film-making, poetry and t-shirt printing. We’re always open to new ideas, though, so just email us if you’d like to suggest something.

This page showcases some of the results of these one off events.

Large canvas created during ‘Get Your Voice Heard’ workshop:

Yellow Brick Road Canvas

T-Shirt Designs (all printed on to t-shirts and given to attendees):

T Shirt Designs

What does it feel like to not have your voice heard?

Part of our ‘Get Your Voice Heard’ workshops:

Get Your Voice Heard

The ‘Bag of Crap’ and ‘Coping Strategies Toolbox’

Created during our ‘Coping with Voices & Visions’ workshop”:

Bag of StuffCoping Toolbox

‘Mood Boards’ from our ‘Bringing a Script to Life’ workshop:

script-scifi Mood Board

Group Poem – “I am”

Written and performed by young people attending our Pen. Paper. Poetry. Power! creative workshop with Sai Murray on 1 March 2014.

Some people call me worthless.
Some people call me worthless, am I? Or is there just a part of me that has been shown in the wrong way?
But personally I think she’s just happy.
So can you really blame me for being so secretive? If people react this way.
My clouded memory becomes a cloud.
The 7.22mm piece of brass in the head of my great uncle.
I slice your head whilst slicing bread.
From blood to brain to muscle to pen to page to stage.
The very end, the nothingness, the quiet beyond, no dream, no dreamer.
No dream, no dreamer.

I am the smell of cow dung and fresh-cut hay.
I am who I say I am depending on who is asking.
I am small, crazy, amazing, changing, stubborn, weird in your head. I’m different, a psycho, that’s right not a typo.
I am sunrise in Mourne, and sunset in London.
I am undeniably awkward.
I am allowed to have problems. I am allowed to express myself.
I am allowed to be different. For I am allowed to be human.
Ignorant, stubborn, useless, not good enough, nice hair, suicidal freak, that girl, Colombian, immigrant, worthless, failure, f-ed up, self harmer, emo, selfish, creep, nice, funny, bitch, stupid, pretty, horrible, a mess, too fat, too skinny, lovely, weirdo, disgusting, illegal, pathetic, attention seeker, happy.
But I am not alone.