Voices and Visions in the News

Nikki talking about Hearing Voices on Sky News

Nikki, a participant in our recent artistic collaboration with Wellcome Collection, courageously shared some of her own experiences of hearing voices that other people can’t on Sky News. Talking out about voices and visions is no easy feat, but Nikki shows that it is possible to overcome difficult experiences and express them. We hope that seeing Nikki speak out gives other young people the courage they need to let others know that they’re struggling with voice and – if needed – access help.


Learning to Live with the Voices in Your Head

Some experts think the problem is how doctors and society treat people who hear things, not the voices themselves. Roc Morin in The Atlantic, 5 November 2014: Learning to Live With the Voices in Your Head – The Atlantic

A First Class Recovery: From hopeless case to graduate

Eleanor Longden was a diagnosed schizophrenic and heard menacing voices in her head for 10 years. Now, she has fought back and has graduated with a brilliant honours degree in psychology. Read the full article here A first-class recovery: From hopeless case to graduate | The Independent | The Independent and watch Eleanor’s Ted Talk here The voices in my head | Eleanor Longden – YouTube