Taboo Voices & Visions

Living with taboo voices, visions & other sensations

TW: trauma, violent and sexual voices, visions and other sensory experiences

What’s a ‘taboo’ voice or vision?

When an experience is described as ‘taboo’, it means it’s one that’s not usually talked about among a particular group of people, community or society, because it can bring up a lot of difficult thoughts, memories or feelings that can be frightening, upsetting, painful and shameful.

The kinds of voices, visions and other sensations that are thought of as taboo are often related to violence – either against ourselves or other people, or sex – like certain sexual desires, sexual abuse or harm.

Some of us hear voices that command us to hurt or to kill ourselves or other people. Some of us hear voices that tell us we’ve committed a crime, or see images of ourselves or other people doing violent or sexual things. And some of us sense violent or sexual things happening to us – feeling touches, pain, heat or other sensations on or inside our bodies.

Download a PDF version of our leaflet here: Taboo Voices & Visions Leaflet