What do we offer?

There are two strands to our service – work with children, young people & families, and work with professionals and organisations.

Work with children, young people & families

Children & Young People
  • Voice Collective peer support groups (see ‘Peer Support Group details’ on the menu on the right)
  • Creative Arts Workshops
  • Information, signposting & one-to-one support (by email, phone or face to face)
  • Discord Peer Support Forum – COMING SOON!
Parents, families and carers
Professionals and Organisations

We work with CAMHS, Early Intervention in Psychosis, Schools, Social Services, Voluntary Sector Organisations & Charities, Arts Groups and many more. We can offer FREE training to you including:

  • Group Facilitation Training – 2 day (6 hours each day online or face to face) training to support your service to set up your own hearing voices peer support group, or if you would like to volunteer with us and co-facilitate one of our own peer support groups at Voice Collective. Over the two days we will cover:
    • Understanding voices & visions; Voice Collective values & peer support groups​
    • Exploring Recovery; the role of the group facilitator & practical facilitation skills​
    • Navigating facilitation challenges; coping strategies for voice hearers & planning and launching groups
    • PLEASE NOTE: you must attend both days to complete this training
  • Level 1 A Fresh Approach To Understanding Children and Young People who Hear Voices – 1 day (3 hours online or face to face) this training presents a fresh approach to voice-hearing. Founded in lived experience and the work of the Voice Collective project, it includes:
    • Exploring what it feels like to hear voices as a young person
    • The impact voice-hearing can have on a young person’s home, school & social life
    • An introduction to the Hearing Voices Network ethos & approach to unusual sensory experiences
    • Ways to open up conversations about voices, helping young people to feel heard
    • Simple youth-friendly coping strategies
  • Level 2 Supporting Children and Young People who Hear Voices – 1 day (3 hours online or face to face) this training will explore ways of supporting children and young people to make sense of, and manage, difficult and distressing sensory experiences and offers participants the opportunity to:
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the experience of voices, visions and other unusual sensory experiences
    • Consider the impact of different explanatory models on a young person, their family & supporters (including psychological, biomedical and spiritual explanations)
    • Explore the link between voices, visions, emotions and difficult life experiences
    • Build upon a toolkit of strategies to support young people distressed by voices/visions/other sensory experiences
    • Hear positive examples of resilience and recovery
    • PLEASE NOTE: you must have completed our Level 1 training first
  • Level 3 Advanced Working with Voices – 1 day (3 hours online or face to face) this training will focus on the following:
    • Developing trust and therapeutic relationships with young people who may not trust easily
    • Understanding ‘taboo voices’
    • Finding safe ways of talking about voices & visions with young people in distress
    • Using creative approaches to facilitate conversations
    • Working with families & systems  
    • Applying this learning within the workplace
    • PLEASE NOTE: you must have completed our Level 1 and 2 training first

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Feedback from Young People, Parents and Professionals…

“I wish I could come (to the group) every day, I felt so emotional because I felt connected by some of the experiences people were sharing and I have never in my life felt a sense of community as strong as tonight… I feel warm and feel safe in knowing we are all on a healing journey… it is extremely hard some days but everyone was brave enough to share their experiences and the way you helped navigate conversation was really reassuring…”

Young Person aged 19

“I have approached various agencies and tried lots of different approaches with my son before and since I first contacted Voice Collective but actually the most important change is that it has given me more confidence to just ‘be’ with my son and not get too tied up in looking for ways to make things ‘better…’ “


“I can think of past situations in which having had this training and knowledge would have been very helpful, in order to be able to more confidently support a young person in exploring and understanding their experiences. Therefore, I think this training and further training on this topic will prove extremely helpful in my future work”

CAMHS professional