FAQ Parents & Workers

If you’re supporting a young person that might benefit from coming to a Voice Collective group, here’s some info you might find useful:

Q1. How do I find out more about the groups?

A. Just browse this site, email us (info@voicecollective.co.uk) or give us a call (020 7911 0822). We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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Q2. Are the groups part of treatment for a mental health problem?

A. No, the groups themselves are peer support, not therapy or treatment. Members do not need to be in contact with the mental health services to attend. However, the groups can support those who are struggling with their mental health – and can compliment other support and treatment they are offered.

Q3. How do I refer someone to a Voice Collective Group?

A. Each group takes self referrals. So, if you know someone who wants to come to the group a good first step is to encourage and support them to get in touch with us. If they prefer, it’s fine for you to contact us on their behalf.

You can also find a copy of our self referral form on the Group Details page – just download this, encourage the young person to fill it out and then send it back to us. The correct address/contact details for this are on the form itself.

We’ll contact the young person and invite them to come and meet with us. They are welcome to bring a supporter with them, if this would make them feel more comfortable. At the meeting, we’ll have a chat and find out what’s going on for them and look at how the group might be helpful.

See: Group Details Page (with self referral forms)

Q4. I support a young person who is too young for the group (or isn’t willing/able to attend it). What else can you offer?

A. Since getting extra funding, we are now able to offer a range of support for children and young people. This includes 1-2-1 support, creative arts workshops, information, signposting and our online peer support forum.

If the young person finds it helpful, we are also able to provide support to schools and other youth agencies to help raise awareness and around voice-hearing. This has been particularly useful in helping young people get back into school after periods of absence.

We have just launched the first two booklets in a new range for parents, supporters and family members. If you’d like a printed copy – please email us.

For more information, or to see whether we can help, please contact Fiona or Tamsin on 020 7911 0822 or info@voicecollective.co.uk.

Q5. There are no groups in my area – what can I do?

A. If there are places available at the Camden group, we are able to welcome young people from any area. However, we know that travelling across London is not easy by any means.

During the next year, we will be setting up more groups across London. If you think one is needed in your area, please let us know. If you, or an organisation you know of, would like to explore the possibility of working in partnership with us to set up a group – check out the Partnerships page.

Q6. Do you offer training and/or support to parents and workers?

A. We understand how important it is that those supporting young people feel supported themselves. This is particularly true in the area of voices and visions, where supporters can feel unsure of what to do to really help.

We offer support to parents and workers by phone, email or in person. Whilst we do not offer a crisis service, we are more than happy to arrange a time to chat through the situation and explore how we can be of use.

For information on our work with professionals, click here

For information on the support we can offer parents and carers, click here.

We offer periodic workshops for parents/carers/workers – if you want to find out more, please contact us or check the news section for more details of upcoming courses.

We are also able to provide in house training for some organisations (subject to resources), please contact us for more info.

See: News page for details of upcoming courses