Meme Making Workshop with Rachel Rowen Olive

This workshop is for a small group of young people who hear voices. Bring your favourite meme (mental health related or otherwise) to introduce yourself and we’ll talk about being online while mad*, and using memes to laugh, cry, and resist the roles we get put in by the state, society, the psychiatric system. We will be able to offer remuneration for those who sign up and take part.

The group will be facilitated by Rachel Rowan Olive, a cartoonist, writer, and researcher with lived experiences of mental health difficulties and the UK psychiatric system. You can find her as @rrowanolive on social media, and see her art at .

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*Some people with experience of mental health difficulties, distress, and/or unusual experiences and beliefs refer to themselves as “mad” to reclaim the word that has been used as an insult. If you’re not comfortable describing yourself in this way, that’s fine – however you understand and describe yourself, you’ll be very welcome.

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