A Fresh Approach to Understanding Young People who Hear Voices (Level 1)

May 13, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre (Annex Room)
17-25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA
020 7911 0822

Q. At least 8% of young people hear voices that other people don’t. If one of them came to you tomorrow and wanted to talk about it – would you know what to say or do?

Q. Would you like to understand more about what it’s like to hear voices or see visions, and learn some essential coping strategies that young people can use to deal with distressing experiences?

This half day workshop presents a fresh approach to voice-hearing. Founded in lived experience and the work of the Voice Collective project, it includes:

  • Exploring what it feels like to hear voices as a young person
  • The impact voice-hearing can have on a young person’s home, school & social life
  • An introduction to the Hearing Voices Network ethos & approach to unusual sensory experiences
  • Ways to open up conversations about voices, helping young people to feel heard
  • Simple youth-friendly coping strategies

Voice Collective trainings are for professionals working in youth-specific organisations, for those who regularly support young people who hear voices in their work, or for parents, carers & family members of under-19s who hear voices.

This includes youth workers, counsellors, CAMHS, EIP, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, OTs, support workers, GPs, substance mis-use workers, YOTs, helpline staff, teachers, mentors & more.

Please note: This CORE Module is a prerequisite for attending further Voice Collective training. If you have already completed a Voice Collective course, you do not need to attend this course as you will have covered the material already.

Essential information:

  • This course is open to people who support and/or work with children and young people (in a variety of settings, including the home). If you do not currently support or work with children and young people, we may not be able to accept your booking. Please contact us to find out if we have any spare waiting list places available.
  • We cannot accept group bookings – each attendee must register themselves and provide their contact details in case of emergencies.
  • As our courses are often oversubscribed, please book your place only if you are confident you are able to attend for the full three hours.
  • If you are unable to make the course, please cancel your place as early as possible to avoid spaces going to waste, by emailing info@voicecollective.co.uk.

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