Fill Our Our SURVEY about Fun Activities You'd Like to Try!

Fill Our Our SURVEY about Fun Activities You’d Like to Try!

Are you a young person who sees, hears or senses things around you that others don’t, or believes things others might find unusual? Are you under-19 and live in the UK? If the answer’s yes, Voice Collective would like to hear from you! Every year, we arrange some fun, creative activities and workshops for young […]

'Interesting Minds' group in Greenwich is relaunching!

‘Interesting Minds’ group in Greenwich is relaunching!

We’re delighted to announce that the “Interesting Minds” peer-support group in Greenwich is relaunching! The group is for 12-18 year olds who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory experiences. The group was set up in partnership between Voice Collective and Greenwich CAMHS, but you don’t need to be using CAMHS services to […]

Voice Collective's Songwriting Workshop

Voice Collective’s Songwriting Workshop

Voice Collective is teaming up with Raw Sounds to offer you this two-hour songwriting workshop for under-19s, to give you the opportunity and the support to write your own song. The workshop is for young people (under-19) who hear voices, see visions, have other sensory experiences, or experience multiplicity or unusual beliefs. Your song could […]

New Leaflet on 'Taboo Voices & Visions'

New Leaflet on ‘Taboo Voices & Visions’

We’ve written a new leaflet called ‘Taboo Voices, Visions & Other Sensations’ based on the experiences of young people we’ve talked to. The leaflet is aimed at young people and gives an understanding of taboo voices & visions, why they happen, what they’re like to live with and some ideas of how to cope if […]


New Group for students at University of Kent

We’re so pleased to announce a new peer support group for students at the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University who hear voices. The group runs on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month. Get in touch at vlab2@kent.ac.uk to find out more. 


Are you trans? Do you hear voices or see or experience things others don’t?

If so you’re not alone. Being trans and having unusual sensory experiences can be really overwhelming, so we’ve published a new leaflet called ‘Voices, Visions & Gender’, written for young trans people who hear voices, see visions or have other sensory experiences. The leaflet was written in collaboration with Action for Trans Health, with input from […]


Voice Collective travels to Boston for the 9th World Hearing Voices Congress

Latest News from our manager Eve… It’s been an exciting and inspiring couple of weeks here at Voice Collective. HVN USA, the USA’s national hearing voices network, invited me to deliver two workshops at the 9th World Hearing Voices Congress, which they hosted in Boston, MA, across the 16th – 18th August. The theme for […]


New research opportunity with Voice Collective, Manchester Metropolitan University & University of Manchester

The Voice Collective team are working with two researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester to find out more about the experiences of young people hearing voices. Earlier in the year we worked together to develop an online study exploring young people’s experiences of hearing voices – what the voices are like […]