NEW! Live text based chat on the forum!

Our next live text based chat on the forum will be THURSDAY 12TH AUGUST 4-5pm… go to the forum and click on the ‘peer support space’ to show your interest and we can add you in!


NEW! Making Zines with Liv Wynter September 2021

Do you want to help people understand what it is like to be a young person who hears, sees, or senses things that others don’t? Join artist Liv Wynter for a series of online zine-making workshops to explore experiences of hearing voices and seeing visions! Open to anyone aged 16-25 with lived experience of voice-hearing. […]


Under 14s Online Hearing Voices Peer Support Group – back in August 2021

After running on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month since April, the under 14s will be taking a short break. The next group will be Monday 9th August 5-6pm. If you would like to join, please go to our ‘Support’ section for more details.

Young Person Webinar - Amazing artwork!

Young Person Webinar – Amazing artwork!

Voice Collective are collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University on a Special Interest Research Group funded by Emerging Minds. We will be looking at treatment and support options for children who hear voices, see visions and have other sensory experiences and beliefs. We held a Webinar on Friday 26th February where an artist put together all of your […]

Creative art workshop at the Charles Dickens Museum - October 2020

Creative art workshop at the Charles Dickens Museum – October 2020

We teamed up with the Charles Dickens Museum back in October 2020 half term to hold the ‘My Technicolour Self’ workshop! About ten young people signed up for the three day event and were supported by the museum team and an artist to create  colourful self-portraits using paint, pastel, collage, coloured pencils or ink. Lots of great portraits […]