Work in Partnership with Us

As well as supporting young people themselves, a large part of our work involves supporting workers and organisations to better support children and young people who hear voices.

We can provide a FREE tailor-made package of support and guidance to youth organisations across Greater London, including:

  • Awareness talks (for staff, volunteers and/or young people)
  • Individual and group coaching (to help equip workers with the skills and confidence to support young people who hear voices within their role)
  • Specialist training
  • Support, mentoring and training to develop a Voice Collective peer support group (including co-facilitation by one of our team members, where appropriate)
  • Guidance and support to develop your organisation’s information resources to include ‘hearing voices’
  • Guidance and support to develop your organisation’s policies and practice to support young people who hear voices

We work with: CAMHS, Early Intervention in Psychosis, Schools, Social Services, Voluntary Sector Organisations & Charities, Arts Groups and many more.

Why is it needed?

Around 8% of young people hear, see or sense things other people don’t. Still, movies and news reports can make it all sound much more weird and scary than it really is. The fear of being judged or labelled can be really hard to deal with, at school and at home. Because of this, meeting people who understand what you’re doing through and listen with respect is very important.

During our pilot project, we found that children and young people often felt isolated, ‘crazy’ and overwhelmed – but struggled to access supportive services. Our peer support group, facilitated by someone with personal experience of living with voices, gave these young people a safe space to be accepted for who they are.

“My daughter has been attending lots of places since the age of eight and nothing has helped, until she meet the people involved at Voice Collective. This has had a remarkable effect on her wellbeing and confidence, she no longer feel isolated. The people that run the project are real role models to these young people. She is now able to open up to me and some of her closest friends. We, in turn, can help her through these difficult times, which just was not possible before”
– Parent

Through working with a range of youth services, we found that relatively little support from us (in the form of training, coaching or awareness raising) can produce dramatic results. We specialise in breaking down the stigma and anxiety surrounding voice-hearing, helping workers use their existing skills to support young people.

“I work with young people from unsafe family backgrounds. I now feel more confident to work with young people who hear voices, to try and open a dialogue and help them feel less isolated and more understood”

With CAMHS teams and agencies already working with young people who hear voices, we found that offering training led by someone with personal and professional experience, is key. Feedback from trainees is that this has helped them develop greater understanding of the experience and increase the range of tools they have to work creatively with young people.

“Everyone really enjoyed the presentation which was so well thought out, so professional, very impressive and fascinating. Your personal contribution really enriched the content and was very generous of you, and humbling for us. Thank you”. – Wendy, CAMHS

“I’m amazed with the way the trainer users her experience to help people make sense of ‘hearing voices’. I don’t think it would have the same impact if delivered by someone who had not gone on her journey to where she is today. 100% brill”

Would you like to hear more?

For an initial chat, just email ( or call (020 7911 0822) and speak to Eve or Shanika.