Information Booklets & Leaflets

We’re always looking for new ways of getting out positive, helpful and common sense information about voices, visions and other unusual experiences. This page gathers together all of our current information in one place so that you can download them without having to search through the whole site.

Project Information

VC Menu (an overview of our services for young people, parents and workers)

VC Self Referral Form for Under 16s

VC Self Referral Form for 16+

VC Mentoring Menu (the support we can offer youth workers and CAMHS professionals)

See the groups page if you want to join a specific peer support group.

Information Sheets

Dealing with Scary Voices

Voices, Visions & Sexuality

Voices, Visions & Gender

Taboo Voices, Visions & Other Sensory Experiences

Booklets for Parents, Carers & Family Members

We have just launched the first two booklets in a new range for parents, supporters and family members. If you’d like a printed copy – please email us.

Booklet No. 1: Voices & Visions, a straight talking introduction

Booklet No. 2: Voices & Visions, a guide to coping and recovery

Parent's Booklet - About Voices & VisionsParent's Booklet - Coping and Recovery

Anti-Stigma Postcards

Whilst 1 in 12 young people hear voices or see visions, many keep it hidden. The stigma surrounding voice-hearing can be massive. These postcards are aimed at all young people, whether or not they hear voices. We hope that they’ll help challenge some of the assumptions people make about young people who hear voices.

Please feel free to download and distribute them.

Card No. 1: Stigma

VC Anti-stigma card

Download & ShareVC Card – Stigma

Card No. 2: Inspire

VC Anti-Stigma Card - Inspire

Download & Share: VC Card – Inspire

Card No. 3: Famous

VC Anti-Stigma Card - Famous People

Download & Share: VC Card – Famous People